shore step Marine Applications

SHORE STEP = Marine Safety


Shore Step offers a wide range photoluminescent marking and identification products ideally suited to Marine and other outdoor environments. 

SHORE STEP = Zero Energy


Recycled Light  -- Low profile, high intensity photoluminescent guidance strips, paints and tapes provides long lasting night time visibility without the need for electricity. 

SHORE STEP = Step Safety


Increases traction and visibility on any step in a wide range of marine environments by providing recycled light to any step surface that is hard to see in the dark. Apply to gunnels at step-on, cabin or boarding steps, gangways and decks.

SHORE STEP = Reflective+Glow

Photoluminescent reflective tape

Shore Step Reflective Glow Tape delivers 2-way safety combining reflective and photoluminescent properties. Reflectivity quickly helps identify objects or people when they are illuminated with a light source (flashlight, headlights, searchlight). Photoluminescent components allow people and objects to be spotted in the dark absence shining a light directly on the subject. 

SHORE STEP = Sure Grip


Shore Step Photoluminescent handrail products help you find a solid place to hold onto in the darkness. Critical contributor to maintaining balance and moving safely on board in any conditions. 



•Reduces slips and falls

•Recycles natural or artificial light

•Decrease electricity usage.

•Hard-wearing, no repainting.

•Can be installed inside or out. 

•Non-toxic, non-radioactive.

1000's of ways to enhance SAFETY!

•Docks, Gangways, Ramps, Stairs (Boat and Dock), Obstructions and Equipment.