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Photo-Luma What?

What is Photoluminescence?


 Photoluminescent materials incorporate inorganic phosphor molecules that  absorb UV light, converts the light to energy that it then stores like a  battery. The phosphors then release this energy in the form of light  that is visible to human eye. Under proper conditions, this chemical  process can go on for more than 1,000,000 cycles. photoluminescent egress markings

How long do PL materials glow?


Unlike the glow-in-the-dark frisbees we used to throw around (zinc sulfide) that didn't glow very bright or for very long, modern PL materials charge more rapidly with less ambient light and glow for up to 12 hours ( strontium aluminate ). Our products are tested for durability and deliver maintenance free, fail-safe illumination. photoluminescent egress markings

What kind of light does it need to charge.


Photoluminescent materials charge using energy from UV wavelength light. Direct sunlight is best. Close seconds are incandescent, halogen, florescent and LED's. Usually an hour is sufficient to fully charge most of our products.

Is some PL better than others?


i-Luminate has assembled the World's best manufacturers of Photoluminescent egress markings and raw materials. We deliver complete cost-effective solutions for every type of project. From a 64-story mixed-use tower in Boston to a single residential staircase. We want to help solve your egress safety issues, small or large.

Is it just for Buildings?


Photoluminescent markings can be used anywhere people are moving within any type of  built environment. Turn under-lit docks and gangways into easily navigable pathways in any marine environment. photoluminescent egress markings

Where is Photoluminescent used?


 Photoluminescent (PL) exit path markings are a relatively new type of Life Safety Improvement for a wide variety       of  applications including Commercial and Government Buildings, as well as Residential and Marine applications. photoluminescent egress markings

Completed Projects Boston 08

Photoluminescent Egress Fly-Through

See how photoluminescent markings show you the way to safety. photoluminescent egress markings

promote Stair safety

Slip and Falls Mitigation


Stairway falls are a major cause of injury. However many of the factors contributing to these falls can easily be identified and mitigated with Photoluminescent markings.

Highly Visible Step Edge


One of the most important components of a safe egress stairwell system is high visibility at the step edge. Ecoglo step edge guidance strips feature a 3-in-1 visibility advantage: Photoluminescent, visual contrast and non-skid all in one unit.

Clearly Visible Safety


i-Luminate provides a range of photoluminescent stair nosings, step edge guidance strips and handrail strips, which help overcome the widest range

of egress visibility and mobility challenges.


Factors Leading to Falls


Poor Step Geometry  -- Steps must be consistent &  have correct rise-run ratios.

Poor Visibility --  Step edges must be clearly defined to prevent over or 


Slippery Tread -- The material used on the edge of a step must be slip-resistant.

Inadequate Handrails -- Handrails must be a usable size and clearly visible in 

poor or no light conditions.

Pro-Active Safety



The photoluminescent strips provide high visibility 24 hours a day because the step edge and handrails are clearly defined and, as daylight diminishes or lights are extinguished, the strips give off a

bright glow that lasts all night. photoluminescent egress markings exit signs safety equipment

Human Factors


Human Factors -- Stair design should take into account the common usage. Step edge visualization is the most important basis for design. Social behavior such as the increase in mobile phone usage and texting mean people often are not looking when negotiating stairs so visibility becomes increasingly important.

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