Photoluminescent Landing Markings



Ecoglo E-Series aluminum stair platform perimeter strips are durable and highly visible under all conditions. The E-series is designed for decades of maintenance free performance.

Tamper-Proof Tapes


Our Made in USA Tamper-Proof  tapes are the only tapes we recommend. Traditional tapes peel off easily once a corner is lifted. Out Tamper-Proof tapes cure to the substrate and cannot be peeled off in one strip. Can be applied to metal surfaces such as continuous stringers in stairwells.



PVC platform strips are semi-rigid, flat strips with 3M adhesive strip backing. Just peel liner paper from back of strip and apply to finished platform surfaces. PVC offers a durable, cost effective solution.



Photoluminescent paints from Bambu offer a low cost platform application that is both functional and colorful. Long lasting safety with low cost per linear foot application.

Two Sizes of Aluminum Platform Strips


Ecoglo offers two different width aluminum platform strips. Choose from 1" or 0.6" wide depending on existing conditions. Both G-Series strips are UL 1994 Certified and IBC/IFC Code Compliant.

Critical Component in Egress


Clearly identifying the platform perimeter in an emergency is a critical component to insuring safe egress from buildings during a variety of  emergency situations. Think visual bread crumbs to lead you to safety.