Photoluminescent Paints



BAMBU sets the standard.

Vivid day time colors, bright, long-lasting glow. Durable yet beautiful. Technology you can see to lead the way.

Vibrant Color. Longer Lasting.


See the WORLD in a whole new light. Vibrant colors that come alive and shine brighter and longer than the competition.

Bold Color Egress Markings


Finally a high performance photoluminescent egress paint that blends in or makes a statement. No more washed out pale green. Water-based egress paints available in white, yellow, green and blue.

Brighter. Longer.


 A new level of scientific sophistication was used to develop patented
BAMBU Photoluminescent Paints. 

10 Years in the Making.


After 10 years in development, Bambu water-based photoluminescent paints deliver a highly durable, high pigment, long persistence glowing paint for multiple surface applications.

Bambu in Kendall Square


Bambu Blue photoluminescent paint was applied for IBC Egress Markings at 145 Broadway. The Boston Properties project is new world headquarters for Akamai Technology.

BAMBU Photoluminescent Paints

Unmatched Color


No other company offers a paint that meets UL 1994 performance standards in the vibrant colors of Bambu. Vivid green, blue, yellow and white.

Partnering with the Best.


i-Luminate Products has partnered with Bambu to introduce a revolutionary water-based photoluminescent egress paint system.

Vivid Color. Unmatched Glow.


Vibrant day time color complemented by bright uniform glow characteristics for long lasting visible safety.  



Readily Applicable to wood, plastics, cement, asphalt, metals and many other materials. VOC<100 g/l (unreduced). Capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Priming of surface with Bambu approved primer/sealer is critical to performance of luminescent properties, adhesion and durability of photoluminescent paints.

Glow Characteristics



Vibrant, uniform glow greatly exceeds industry standards , with substantially higher differentials at initial emission(1).

Easily visible light with no glare or harshness. Robust photolytic stability provides consistent glow quality with no degradation of light emission. 

New York Local Law 26 of 2004 (New York City Building Code 27-383) is recognized as the basis for industry standards 

Visibly. Improve. Safety.


Don't let your exit stairwells be relegated to the pale green photoluminescent paint of the past. Apply Bambu egress paints for vibrant day time colors to complement or enhance existing design environments. Why compromise on performance and aesthetic. Get the best of both with Bambu Way High Performance Photoluminescent Paints.