Photoluminescent exit signs


FACT: PL Exit Signs can replace electrified exit signs and are a 100% UL 924 compliant.

Completely code compliant with adequate ambient light exposure.

FACT: PL EXIT Signs require NO ELECTRICITY. Zero. 0. Zilch.

 No Batteries or bulbs to check or replace. EVER. 

UL 924 Certified. 100% Code Compliant:

2009 IBC-International Building Code

2008 IFC - International Fire Code

2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety  

Less work. Big Savings.

Drastically reduced Maintenance and Inspection procedures.

PL Exit signs charge just fine with 1 hour of most natural and artificial light sources.

Signs require UV wavelength light to charge. Sunlight is best. Close seconds: incandescent, florescent, halogen, metal-halide and yes, LED's work just fine.

Photoluminescent exit signs

Architectural Series


The Ecoglo Architectural Series Exit Sign is made from solid acrylic and designed with great aesthetics and sleek lines. Fits seamlessly in any building environment. 

PM 100 Series


Glo Brite® Ecō Exit™ PM100 Sign is the energy-saving choice for large, open space facilities such as big-box retailers, Federal government buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities. Leading the industry in

zero energy egress systems,

Plastic Frame


Perfect for schools and universities, hospitals, and industrial facilities, the

Glo Brite® Ecō Exit™ S50 Sign is the reliable, Green alternative that is safe to use and saves on energy dollars.



Aluminum Exit Signs offer an affordable, long lasting, highly visible solution with available custom finishes for sign frames and mounting kits.



Directional or Running Man signs are designed to help people keep on the path to safety. At every floor landing or along interconnected egress hallways, highly visible, path-forward guidance is a critical part of any buildings egress plans.

Floor ID Signs


Floor Identification Signs are required as part of the IBC 1024 requirements for Photoluminescent markings in exit stairwells. The customized signs are installed next to all entry doors leading into exit stairwells.

ECOGlo Architect Series Exit Signs


Ecoglo Architectural Series Photoluminescent Exit Sign

The Ecoglo® EXAL Series Architectural Photoluminescent Exit Signs are the favored solution to ensuring that your facility is equipped with the safest backup technology in an emergency. Each sign has an acrylic coating with elegant beveled edges that give them, and the space they occupy, a more sophisticated aesthetic. With each sign, we offer a range of anodized aluminum mounting kits that guarantee the most efficient installation procedure for any location. With no electricity or battery required, our code compliant photoluminescent exit signs will illuminate your path after being

charged by natural or artificial light. Finally a photoluminescent exit sign that seamlessly fits right into any tenant facing design environment.

Features and benefits of EXAL Photoluminescent Exit Signs


• UL924-listed for High-Location and Floor Proximity Use. Same code compliance designation as lighted exit signs.

• IBC / IFC, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and NFPA 5000 compliant.

• No electricity, wiring or batteries required.

• Removable and easy to install.

• Wide variety of mounting options

• 75 foot visibility rating with 90 minute operating time

• Requires 1 hour exposure to a minimum of 54 lux (5-foot candles) of LED, Fluorescent or incandescent light on sign face during building occupancy.

• Standard twenty-five (25) year warranty

• Drastically Reduced Inspection and Maintenance costs.

• Non-toxic, non-radioactive

Technical Information

Technical Information

• Sizes:   15.1” x 7.6” x 5/8”

• Letter size:  6” 

• Illumination:   High Visibility Green

• Visibility:   100 ft.

• Directional:  4 included (field applied) 

• Construction:   Acrylic sandwich, beveled edge, replaceable directional chevrons

• Durability:   High impact acrylic with anodized aluminum hardware.


Certification and Compliance

Listed To

• UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment listed by UL 

• Meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101 & NFPA 5000 compliant

• OSHA requirements 

• International Building and Fire Code compliant 2009 - 2015

• Listed for LED, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent light activation

Life Expectancy

The EXAL Series will delivery 25+ years of sustainable, maintenance free use. 


Both high-level and low locations and Suitable for floor proximity installations.

Glo Brite PM 100 Exit Signs


PM-100 Go Anywhere Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Ideal for wet, outdoor or indoor locations, Glo Brite    PM100 Exit Sign is visible at 100 feet and is the preferred, energy-savings  choice for commercial buildings, small to midsize retailers, schools and universities, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Leading the industry in zero energy egress systems, Glo Brite  PM100 Exit Signs use the latest photoluminescent technology  to absorb and store ambient light. During an emergency blackout or smoky conditions, this stored energy is immediately visible, reducing the risk of panic or injury during an emergency evacuation while also reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Features and benefits of PM-100 Photoluminescent Exit Signs


• Zero energy consumption - zero cost, green design

• Zero maintenance - no bulbs, no battery replacement

• Non-toxic, non-radioactive

• No disposal costs

• Designed for surface flag, ceiling or conduit mounting

• Can be used for both high-level and low-level applications

• Movable if egress path changes

• Thin, low profile construction

• Consistent, uniform illumination

• Visible at 100 feet

• Recyclable

• LEED point contributor

• Listed for indoor/outdoor and wet locations

• LED, incandescent or fluorescent light activation

Technical Information

Technical Information

• Sizes:   15-7/8” x 8-5/8” x 3/8”

• Letter size:  7” 

• Illumination:   High Visibility Green

• Visibility:   100 ft.

• Directional:  2 included (field applied) 

• Construction:   ABS plastic panel with photoluminescent lettering 

• Durability:   Explosion-proof for areas  requiring explosion-proof exit signage


Certification and Compliance

Listed To

• UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment listed by UL 

• Meets NFPA Life Safety Code 101

• OSHA requirements 

• International Building and Fire Code 2009, 2012, 2015

• Listed for LED, incandescent or fluorescent light activation

Life Expectancy

The PM-100 will delivery 25+ years of sustainable, maintenance free use. 


Both high-level and low locations and Suitable for floor proximity installations.

Hybrid Exit Sign


Combining the best features from different types of exit signs.

The ECOGLO EXH Series Hybrid Exit Sign is the no compromise solution for exit signage incorporating the safest  back-up technology and advanced high efficiency LED design. Advanced manufacturing processes and elegant finish add a unique, refined appearance to both the sign and the space in which is installed

Simple Idea + Advanced Technology = Superior Functionality

The EXH Hybrid Exit Sign combines the latest High efficiency Low Power Consumption LED lighting technology with bold, bright photoluminescent lettering in case of power failure. 

Most sustainable "powered" exit sign solution

If an traditional electrified exit sign is required or preferred, the EXH offers a sophisticated looking exit sign with a traditional internally "lighted" look powered by low power consumption LED bulbs. In case of power failure, the hybrid sign's advanced photoluminescent lettering glows brightly to maintain visibility of exit doors. This eliminates the need for on-board battery back-up components which reduces testing, inspection and maintenance costs.

All the features you want ... All in one versatile exit sign.

•   LED/Photoluminescent Exit Sign System

•   No Batteries or Backup Power Required for Power outages

•   High efficiency Low Power Consumption LED Luminance

•   Certified for 90 Minute Operating Time at 75 ft. visibility

•  Universal Mount - Convenient Turn & Lock Mounting System for Quick and Versatile      Installation 

•  Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive Photoluminescent Technology  

•   Interchangeable Graphics

•   Indoor Installation Only

•   UL 924 Tested and listed

Interchangeable Graphics

Interchangeable Graphics   --  Signs come with a complete set of interchangeable graphics for the various arrow orientations.

Universal Mounting Kit  --  Each Ecoglo Hybrid Exit Sign includes mounting hardware for Ceiling Mount, Surface Mount and Side Mount.

Warranty  -- Ecoglo offers the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry, 10 years on enclosure, 5 years on LED and driver plus 25 years on photoluminescent.

Internal Specification  -- AC LED: standard 120/240 VAC input, SELF-ILLUMINATED: Glow in the dark sealed plates to provide a minimum 120 minutes of emergency illumination. Performance Certified.

Electrical Specification  -- The Ecoglo EXH series is configured with high-output LED's, requiring 120/240 VAC input. All versions consume only 4.5W when powered. When power is not available, signs remain illuminated, requiring no power for 90 minutes.  

How much can you save in testing and maintenance and energy costs using Photoluminescent Exit Signs? Contact us and ask for a copy of our Exit Sign Cost Comparison Calculator.

Tritium exit sign remove and replace


Tritium exit signs passed their expiration dates

 A self-luminous Tritium exit sign is a non-electrical product that uses radioactive tritium gas to produce light. Specifically, the signs contain light sources that consist of glass tubes, internally coated with phosphor, and filled with tritium gas. Tritium (H-3) is an isotope of hydrogen that emits low-energy beta radiation in the form of electrons. These electrons excite or "charge" the phosphor, causing the glass tubes to continuously emit visible light. A Tritium self-luminous exit sign is a generally licensed (GL) device because it       contains radioactive material initially amounting to approximately 25 curies of tritium per sign. A typical tritium exit sign is pictured to the left.

How do I know if I have tritium exit signs in my facility?

Tritium Exit signs are frequently self-contained and encased in a plastic box with small glass tubes visible through the clear front sign face. The signs "boxes" usually slip into a plastic wall-mount bracket and then have clear plastic cover that slips over the mounted sign frame. There are required decals on the back of the signs indicating radioactivity, individual serial numbers and lifespan of the sign in years.

Are the signs dangerous.

Although the signs are technically radioactive, the tritium gas registers very low radiation levels that are not generally harmful to humans as long as the signs remain intact and undamaged. Since signs contain long half-life radiation, it is against the law to dispose of these types of signs with your normal trash. If not disposed of properly, the tritium gas is released as a contaminant and is not good for the environment.

How do you properly dispose of expired tritium signs?

Expired tritium exit sign must be disposed of and recycled under the jurisdiction of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Sign inventories and additional information must be submitted to the NRC for permission to dispose of expired signs as a way of keeping track of how these potentially environmentally dangerous signs are disposed of. i-Luminate offers turn-key tritium sign recycling programs to fit any size program or budget. Our programs feature complete removal and disposal of signs and replacement with non-electrified photoluminescent signs.

Do I need to run new wires to power the new signs?

One major obstacle to removing and replacing tritium exit signs is the realization that you will need to hire an electrician to run wires to all of the exit sign locations if you intend to install electrified signs. This can be a huge expense on top of the high disposal costs for the expired tritium signs be replaced. Photoluminescent Exit Sign options do not require electricity and no costly wiring is required. Photoluminescent signs offer the perfect solution for the removal and replacement of tritium exit signs. Safe, Long life cycle. Non-Radioactive.

How can we help?

From 1 to 1000 signs. Let our team help you figure out the lowest cost, most effective photoluminescent sign solution to rid your facility of these radioactive, short life-span signs and replace them with environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable Photoluminescent exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs also greatly reduce any maintenance and battery testing required with lit exit signs.