Complete line of Photoluminescent Safety Products from the World Leader in Egress.
iLuminate sells Ecoglo's patented technology that bonds highly visible photoluminescent polymers and non-slip compound to high-grade aluminum strips to provide superior step edge definition whether in a fully lit, dim or completely dark environment.

Each photoluminescent strip is activated by natural or artificial light and then emits a steady luminous glow guiding people safely up steps and through passages in all conditions.

Ecoglo is easily system code compliant as an enhancement to new or existing emergency lighting systems. It is easily installed or fitted into existing applications. Products in the Ecoglo line include step contrast strips, step nosings and thresholds, and handrail strips.

Step Edge Contrast Strips    
Stair Nosings
In a patented process, custom-blended photoluminescence and non-slip silicon carbide material, in standard and custom colors, are heat-fused to high-grade aluminum strips. The result is a contrast strip that provides high contrast and superior visibility and durability when applied to concrete, steel, aluminum or wood steps.    
The modular design of the stair nosing profiles enable the easy insertion of contrast, non-slip strips or photoluminescent strips in 38.1 mm (1.5 in) and 50.8 mm (2 in) widths. Flat stair nosings are for flat step surfaces, carpet stair nosings are for low and high pile step installations and cast-in-place step inserts are for newly poured concrete steel pan steps.  
UL924 Exit Signs & Markers
Guidance & Handrail Strips
For the safe way-finding out of public facilities, the emergency egress signs, UL924 exit signs, aisle markers and seat markers incorporate photoluminescent pigments that are bonded to aluminum sheet stock. Designed to be walked on, the signs have a durable anti-graffiti coating to provide continuous, trouble-free performance to last the life of the facility.    
Photoluminescent pigments are bonded to aluminum strips to create guidance and handrail products for radius or flat application on stairway landings, handrails, door frames, hallway baseboards or physical obstructions to provide a continuous long-lasting luminous light that is vital to the safe and efficient egress of people from public facilities.  

Code Compliance:

2009 IFC , Exit Path Markings , January, 2009
2009 IFC Exit Lighting, January, 2009
NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and 5000, January, 2009
California, Chapter 10, January 2008
Connecticut, Section 1026, January, 2008
New York City Code, July 2008
GSA , Exit Path Markings, January, 2009
Earning LEEDs Points With Ecoglo luminescent Photo Signs

From a green perspective Photoluminescent Exit Signs are a highly sustainable product that can directly contribute toward securing points in the following LEED Credits:

EA Credit #1 – Energy and Atmosphere: Optimizing Energy Performance
MR Credit #4 – Materials and Resources: Recycled Content
ID Credit #1.1 – Innovation in Design: Exceptional Performance

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iLuminate® Products sells CEREUS® brand photoluminescent paints and adhesive tapes. All our products are engineered to provide easy to install, durable, low maintenance safety marking solutions. Both paint and tapes are available in four high visibility colors that are 100% UV protected making them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.
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    High Performance Adhesive Tapes       Commercial and Industrial Safety Solutions  

Photoluminescent Adhesive Tapes
Available in several colors for a wide variety of safety applications
Anti-Static and Anti Graffiti for extended life, low maintenance
Anti-Skid for stairs and high foot traffic areas
Retro-reflective and photoluminescent combination version for enhanced safety in all lighting conditions

Colors:   Safety Green, Safety Yellow, White, Safety Blue

High Performance Acrylic Paint

Patent Pending Photo Luminescent Paint System
Non-toxic and highly stable with long shelf life
Can be applied to wide range of substrates
Very durable, ideal for industrial and outdoor application
Simple 4 coat paint process applied over white primer
Compatible overcoat seals and protects paint for long life

Colors:   Safety Green, Safety Yellow, White, Safety Blue

General: Egress and Emergency pathway markings, critical infrastructure, parking lots, curbs and obstructions.
Stadiums: Stairwells, ramps, concourses, restrooms, locker rooms, player tunnels, bleachers, utility rooms.
Airports: Cross walks, taxi ways, gates, critical systems areas, fire and emergency rescue operations.
Transportation Systems: Train platforms, tunnels, exits, access corridors, electrical systems.
Buildings: Stairwell access, fire and safety equipment, handicap assistance staging areas, parking garages.
Schools and Universities: Sports complexes, housing, laboratories, emergency shelters, garages, bike paths.
Roadways: Lane stripes, directional markings, guard rails, cones and barrels, jersey barriers, signage.

Available Colors:
Paints and Adhesive Tapes