A Technology designed to meet the challenge

Forget yesterday's "glow in the dark" technology. Photoluminescent materials developed after decades of color and imaging science research at Polaroid creating an entirely new way to generate light and color. Charged in artificial or natural light, it emits functional illumination in vivid color for up to 12 hours.

Our scientists and product development teams are continually generating new ways of applying iLuminate's unique materials. Through creative thinking we look to enhance the functionality of existing products and develop new ones that take advantage of materials unique benefits.
  Enhanced visibility and aesthetic design
Sustainable - Endures millions of cycles
Vivid Colors - Wide range of daytime colors
  Passive (uses no electricity)
Provide supplemental lighting
Superior light Intensity and duration

Emergency Egress
Complete Stairwell Markings
Photoluminescent Bike Frames
Wide Range of Signage Applications
  Whether it's a foolproof emergency lighting system for stairwells, a reading light, a road system that illuminates the treacherous turns ahead, a bicycle that's visible in the dark of night, or house numbers that let EMT's locate a home -- iLuminate can provide paradigm changing advances to a wide range of products that will make the world a whole lot brighter.  
Bike Path Marking
Handrail Identification
Airport Runway Mock-Up
Back-Up Lighting
Tent Stakes
low light bike path marking
Low light handrail identification
airport runway mockups
back-up lighting
bright glow tent stakes
  Keep in mind that each new product has unique requirements for specific applications. Development time and costs can vary depending on the level of complexity.

If you are interested in discussing possible product applications and how we do business, please contact us via email or by phone.

Larry Meiselman

Director of Development

Additional Product Applications and Concepts
House Address and Marine Numbering
TD Garden (previously TD BankNorth) Photoluminescent Stair Riser

Safety Vest and Accessories
Night Hockey
Spiral Stair Advertising / Egress Safety

Corporate ID, Logo Apparel, Advertising and Promotion
Corporate Logos - Hoody Sweatshirt Silkscreen