Fund Raising to promote safe, healthy, active kids

  iLuminate Fun-Raising programs combine cool, kid-approved safety products with healthy eating nutrition programs from Yummy Stuff.  iLuminate uses the latest technology to help enhance safety while encouraging a wide range of physical activites. Yummy Stuff teaches children about healthy eating. By entertaining as it educates, Yummy Stuff programs keep young minds engaged. The Yummy Stuff Program was developed by a team of childhood teaching, developmental and social experts that make learning fun and relevant. Together we can all make life-saving differences with children by "fun-raising" with iLuminate

Our Committment:

Innovative, high quality products to improve safety of kids during a wide range of healthy physical activities.

Programs that promote healthy, safe and active lifestyles for every member of the family including pets.

We will assist your Organization every step of the way... to ensure that you have an efficient and sucessful fund raiser.
5 Advantages of Promoting Safety and Healthy Nutrition

1. Unique and Non-Traditional -

Move away from low nutrition food and other over used fund raisers.

2. Earn 40% profit for your organization on every product.
Products that will have a long lasting effect on improving health and safety.

3. Provides innovative products with wide appeal
Safety and healthy eating is consistently rated a top priority in peoples' minds.

4. Contribute to the overall effort to promote healthy lifestyles in your community

Everyone benefits when we all get together to make a difference.

5. Health and Safety is forever.
Promoting safety and healthy eating habits is a lifetime investment


iLuminate Fun Raising Products....
Helping Fund Raising promote safety and healthy eating habits!




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