the most cost effective luminoused Egress Safety Marking Solution

    AfterGlow brand Photoluminescent Safety Paint is Extremely Economical A

one-gallon kit of AfterGlow brand Photoluminescent Safety Paint will cover 400 square feet or a 1-inch stripe, 2,400 feet long. The cost of the paint for a 1-inch stripe? Less than 40 cents per linear foot.

    IBC 2009 Compliant  
    High performance photoluminescent paint kit consisting of a white base coat, tough epoxy green glowing photoluminescent coat with integrated sealer, and a very durable top coat. Can be applied with a brush. Pale green colored under normal light. Ideal for floor applications in exit stairwells where IBC 2009 Photoluminescent Safety Markings are specified. This product complies with Section 1024.4 of the IBC 2009.  
    Why UL 1994 Compliant  
    UL 1994 applies to photoluminescent materials, including glow paints, used for floor level markings and other egress path marking and lighting systems that provide a visual delineation of the path of egress. Such marking systems are also used to identify significant egress path features such as doors, door hardware, door frames, stairs, stair landings, stair banisters, obstacles, egress symbols, information placards, and similar elements of the egress path.  

    iLuminate takes photoluminescent Safety and Egress further than ever before. Cutting edge science helps us deliverr products that promote safety, focus attention and save energy.  

Whether it is a sports stadium or arena, commercial building or parking garage, people are injured and even lose their lives falling in low light conditions. Natural disasters, acts of terrorism and weather-related crisis’s have forced us to re-think our evacuation procedures and keep pace with changing building codes.

See the WORLD in a whole new light. Vibrant colors that come alive and shine brighter and longer than the competition.

Facility managers have a responsibility to make sure that people can navigate in the dark to reach safety in an emergency. iLuminate photoluminescent safety solutions provide the visual information people need to safely navigate stairs, ramps and egress areas.
A Visible Difference with iLuminate Photoluminescent Safety Solutions.
Fool-Proof. Environmentally Friendly. Sustainable.

  A new level of scientific sophistication was used to develop patent-pending Cereus Photoluminescent Paints and Adhesive Tapes  
  This new technology was developed by scientists from Polaroid; charges in ambient light and slowly releases light over a twelve hour period. This fail-safe back up system provides guidance and enhanced safety during power outages; no batteries to check, no generators needed. Cereus products illuminate with greater intensity and persistence (length of glow) than competing products. Both products lines are available in a wide range of colors and can be formulated to be resistent to UV breakdown making them ideal for outdoor applications. iLuminate provides complete solutions for a wide variety of photoluminescent egress, safety, and identification applications.  
  Emergency lighting is one of the most important safety features to be considered when designing any public building. The lighting system needs to be fail-safe in the event of a power failure.

Ecoglo® represents the latest innovation in emergency lighting systems, requiring no electricity to ensure safe passage in all conditions.

Ecoglo® products feature a built-in photoluminescent strip made up of crystals in a pigment that absorbs light from both solar and artificial sources. The luminescent strips quickly become charged and emit a steady green glow. The Ecoglo® strips will continue to glow in the event of a power outage until all the absorbed energy is exhausted. When exposed with the appropriate levels of light, Ecoglo® will be visible to patrons in a darkened stadium for many hours following a blackout.

Ecoglo® can recharge quickly once exposed to light. The hard, long-lasting finish of Ecoglo® will maintain its luminescence for the life span of most public buildings, and is a cheaper alternative to standard emergency lighting systems.

Ecoglo® is easily system code compliant as an enhancement to new or existing emergency lighting systems. It is easily installed or fitted into existing applications. Products in the Ecoglo® line include step contrast strips, step nosings and thresholds, and handrail strips.

Ecoglo® is also an easy to maintain emergency lighting system. You can use most cleaning chemicals.


Chicago Transit Authority
President Ron Huberman
Discusses PL Safety Solutions

Chicago Transit Authority
Chicago, IL 2008

Low cost solution to provide supplemental lighting in upper decks to prevent accidents.


Help to illuminate dark exit pathways and stairwells to improve safety during emergencies.
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